Meet Livi

LiviPicLivi loved like her mama taught her to.

A letter from Jolie (Livi’s mom):

In just 9 short years, Alivia had grown into the most caring, giving, loving, funny, sassy and beautiful girl! Her smile would make you laugh and cry all at the same time because it was perfect! Unfortunately, on March 26th 2017, we were hit by a drunk driver and Alivia became an angel in Heaven!

I felt as if I died that night praying and holding my beautiful baby on the side of the road. I was certain I would die that night from a broken heart and honestly every night since but I do remember who I am…I’m Alivias mommy the one who will make sure her love shines even though she is no longer physically here. The one who will make sure love wins and evil does not!

So all I ask of all of you to do is Live for Livi ..give for no reason, love , share , make someone smile and just be kind! Oh and NEVER Drink and Drive!

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With love,